A Federal Highway Administration Project

in partnership with the Transportation Systems Institute

at the University of Central Florida

will host the technology transfer of the CAP-X sketch planning tool




The Capacity Analysis for Planning of Junctions (CAP-X) as the name suggests is a tool that can be used to evaluate selected types of innovative junction designs (8 intersections, 5 interchanges, and 3 roundabouts) using given peak flow volumes.


STEP 1: Go to the Lon-In window on the right and Register” 


STEP 2: After you Register You will need to come back to this page and "Log-in"


STEP 3: You should be re-directed to the CAP-X Download page. If you are not redirected, go to the top of the page and a drop down meun will apprear once you place your cursor over CAP-X - Click on Download.



1.      Go to the Input worksheet and fill in the required information located in the “Yellow” Boxes.

2.      Go through each design sheet and adjust the number of lanes for each approach. The lanes are located in the “Yellow” Boxes on the second page of each design sheet.

3.      Go to the Results sheet and review the consolidated output.